Project Description

The University of Liberal Arts is rather unique in Bangladesh, providing students with a broad liberal arts education in the Western tradition. The first challenge for BCM in designing this site was to update their existing branding to a more modern feel while preserving their existing logo. We met weekly over a couple months’ period with their communications team to help define a visual identity and the core messages of their site. These were to promote their offering of a broader college experience beyond simply exam preparations, “the best years of your life”. However, in the Bangladeshi context this needed to be tempered by an emphasis on academic prestige and high job placement, as well as their outstanding research centers, and this all had to be balanced on the landing page. Overall, the goal of this site is to both attract students as well as place ULAB at the top of Bangladesh universities.


ULAB Mobile Design

ULAB Faculty Page

ULAB (footer design)

ULAB (Student Works Page)