Hanover Street Branding


Client: North End Coffee Roasters Date: 2013 Roles: branding, layout, drawing As Bangladesh's first coffee roaster, North End needed a subsidiary brand for supermarket use which tied in with their connection to the North End of Boston's coffee culture. Hanover Street being the road where North End's best coffee is located, we wanted to play [...]

Parasol Energy Branding

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Parasol Energy is Bangladesh's first producer of solar panels, and they needed to communicate visually the quality implicit in TUV certification and European partnership. To this end I used European typefaces, white space and striking images which conveyed the sustainability and professionalism of their product line.

JPGSPH Branding


Client: James P Grant School of Public Health Date: 2013 Roles: branding, layout As one of the world's premiere schools of public health, the James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH) needed to reflect this visually in their branding. The logo symbol communicates freshness, health and vibrancy, and the leaf motif reflects 'healthy growth' [...]

Oasis Coffins Branding & Design

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Client: Oasis Coffins Date: 2013 Roles: branding, layout, web design & development Oasis Coffins was going through a rebranding process and I worked with a marketing consultant to rebrand the company's public face. Having recently landed an exclusive partnership with one of the UK's leading coffins retailers, we needed to research what look would appeal [...]