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MAF Bangladesh

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Client: MAF Bangladesh Date: 2014 Roles: layout, web design & development Since MAF International went through a rebranding in 2012, I have played a key part in helping the Bangladesh program and other programs around the world design promotional materials that are consistent and communicate effectively how MAF serves their clients. From aircraft illustrations for [...]

Oasis Coffins Branding & Design

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Client: Oasis Coffins Date: 2013 Roles: branding, layout, web design & development Oasis Coffins was going through a rebranding process and I worked with a marketing consultant to rebrand the company's public face. Having recently landed an exclusive partnership with one of the UK's leading coffins retailers, we needed to research what look would appeal [...]

ULAB Website Design


The University of Liberal Arts is rather unique in Bangladesh, providing students with a broad liberal arts education in the Western tradition. The first challenge for me in designing this site was to update their existing branding to a more modern feel while preserving their existing logo. I met weekly over a couple months' period [...]